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Romance Books

Love stories and passionate plots: if you live adventures and intrigues, it is definitely your favorite genre. What else to want but a happy ending?

Fantasy Books

The real world is tight? Take refuge in a journey full of fantasy stories and imaginary universes full of adventures. Tolkien in comparison wrote only children’s books.

Thriller Books

Can you find out before the end of the book who the killer is? SPOILER: He’s not always the butler. Immerse yourself in the most mysterious world of all!


Monkey D. Rufy wants to become the King of Pirates, and he won’t let anything or anyone stop him until he finds the greatest treasure in the world, the legendary One Piece!


Naruto Uzumaki is a ninja who wants to become Hokage, the strongest warrior in the village. Use the body multiplication technique to read more episodes!

My Hero Academia

If you don’t have the gift of owning a quirk, be inspired by Izuku’s determined character and you might be noticed by the most powerful warrior ever!


Follow the story of Ichigo and Rukia in the world of Shinigami and let yourself be carried away by a series of breathtaking fights and unique designs!

Attack on Titan

The post-apocalyptic dark fantasy genre is your favorite? Immerse yourself in an alternative Middle Ages Giants, high and monstrous creatures that feed on human flesh, threaten humanity with their presence.

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